ReadySet Heroes – Patch 1.07

Hey, this is Lance, the Producer of ReadySet Heroes. We are working on the final changes for Patch 1.07 and we plan to have it out early next week.  There are more updates on the way, but we wanted to get the Challenge fixes in as soon as possible.  Here are the details:

  • Challenges and Trophies Fixed

    • Snail Race – Feed snails 15 Golden Berries

    • Finish a Brawl with 1000 Speed as Gordo

    • Reach a boss without taking damage in Free-for-All

    • Walrus Hockey – Feed walruses 15 Stinky Fish

    • Finish a Brawl with 1000 Magic

    • Gold Trophy - Untouchable – Defeat a boss without taking damage.

  • Shovel no longer drops potions

  • Poison Vial now scores properly in Brawls

  • Gems and gear no longer spawn or bounce outside of walls

  • Balance Changes

  • Controllers now act as expected in local play

  • Dungeon crawl balance adjustments

  • Audio improvements

  • UI readability updates

  • Server crash fix

  • Various bug fixes

The player combat and movement lock-up issues we planned for this patch needs more testing and will be released in Patch 1.08 (coming soon).  That patch will also include improved online play and various other improvements. 

Future Content

We’ve been getting great feedback from the community and we are in the process of finalizing our plan for the first post-ship content release.  Join the discussion on the Robot Entertainment Discord Server -

Lance Hoke