ReadySet Heroes - Patch 1.06

Hey everyone. Kyle, Lead Designer of ReadySet Heroes here. We’re excited that people can finally play ReadySet Heroes. The game has launched, but things haven’t slowed down here at the studio. We’re hard at work on fixes and future content, and I’ve got some details.

Bug fixes and improvements will be coming in fast and frequently. In fact, we have a patch coming in the next few days that addresses a number of issues. The changes for this patch include:

  • Matchmaking improvements

  • Boss fights stay in splitscreen view in two player Tower Crawl

  • Boss improvements for the Iron Snout and King Slimebo fights

  • Death screen effects reset properly after dying during a team spell

  • Boss intros will now only play for players entering a boss room in splitscreen

  • Sound volume no longer breaks after Treasure Time in splitscreen

  • Challenges remain unlocked after unlocking and viewing them

  • Ranged mob targeting issue while carrying an object fix

  • Gear text and stat comparison is now easier to read

  • Winning with a legendary item challenge now triggers correctly

  • Server crash fix

  • Player names moved in the lobby so hats are more visible

And we have a number of issues we’re currently addressing that we hope to have fixes out for soon. That includes:

  • Player combat and movement lock-up issues

  • Players unable to attack or unable to move until damaged

  • More matchmaking improvements

  • Difficulty adjustments

  • The 1000 Magic challenge not always unlocking when it should

  • Making post-game stats easier to read

Besides bug fixes and improvements, we’re also getting the PC version ready for release and working on our first batch of new content. I can’t wait to share more. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what kind of content and features you all would like to see added.

Kyle Snyder